Frequently Asked Questions


What Is CoinAdpro

Coinadpro is an online advertising Platform  that allows users like you to Earn Cash by driving traffic to PTC,Videos. Basically Coinadpro allows you to get paid to Watch,Share & Subscribe to Online videos and ptc and tasks . Since 2018 Coinadpro has partnered with great companies looking to share their brands with our members allowing users and advertisers to generate traffic on either RegulaPtc and Videos, Youtube Videos or even Vist websit to earn from Goodle adsens.

Coinadpro is an advertising brand and online portal owned and operated by coinadspro.com, registered in  UK .

When Do I Get Paid

All the users on Coinadpro can withdraw their earnings every Tuesday and Friday between 12am and 12noon.
Our finance team will then process the payments the same day and send the funds to you within the same day.

What Is The Minimum Withdrawal

To enable our finance team easily process the thousands of payments we process and also to avoid un-necessary bank charges on micro payments the minimum withdrawal for all our users is 0.50 USD. Once your account main balance is 0.50 $ and above feel free to withdraw your funds every Tuesday & Friday.

Paid For Revenue Model

Coinadpro being a Pay Per ptc and Impression site just like any other website  portal, involves advertisers paying based on the number of PTC. And users are paid based on the number of Ptc,video impressions ,Traffic exchange they make per day. Basically the more the views & traffic They gets the more the impressions converting to more revenue.

Coinadpro Being an Advertisement portal. We charge advertisers approx 0.10$ - 2$ for every PTC, Facebook like or Traffic Exchange or Youtube Video View or Youtube channel Subscription. Pricing is based on the targeted viewers. We enable Advertisers to geolocate their adverts such that they are only shown to users in specific countries which they intend to target. We also enable advertisers to target specific users with high purchasin power eg Gold & Above. This helps save a lot in advertisement spending and also makes your advertisement more efficient since you are only charged when the users you targeted interact with your ad.

What Payment Methods Do You Support

Coinadpro currently supports hundreds of local payment processors in various countries. The Primary instant and fully automated payment processors are Perfect Money, Payeer & Bitcoins. We do support local transfers in many countries. To know the available payment processors in your country please contact your country or regional representatives by clicking HERE

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise

We charge advertisers approx 0.025$ - 10$ for every PTC, Videos,Traffic Exchange ,Tasks,As an Advertiser we ensure you geolocate your adverts such that they are only shown to users in specific countries which you intend to target. This helps you save a lot and also makes your advertisement more efficient since you are only charged when users who you have targeted interact with your ad.

To get the exact pricing of the advertisement you would like to place, please login to your Coinadpro account and click on Advertise and choose the type of advertisement you would like. Then click on Create advertisement and choose from the rate and which advertisement package best suits you or your orgarnization.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade- Pricing Plans

Please visit our main website by clicking HERE to view the various pricing plans and the features available in each.You can also compare the different features on the different account by clicking on upgrade. Once you have upgraded your account to any of the available premium subscriptions the subscription is valid for 1month up to 1year after finsh it you will be required to renew your subscription or for free.

If you had subscribed to a premium account but would like to upgrade to a higher subscription you simply need to top up the difference. Our system automatically calculates the difference and shows you the amount you need to top up. Please refer to the next topic on How to Upgrade to a much higher account for more details.

How Do I Invite Friends or Family To Work With Me On Coinadpro

Its very easy to invite friends or family as this also enables you to earn more from the work they do. You are paid a 3% up to 5% commission for every task ptc, video, traffic exchnage from the 3 level up to 5 level they successfully complete on CoinAdpro hence guaranteeing you constant and reliable income as long as they are working on the Coinadpro portal.

Basically all you need to do is send them your Coinadpro Refferal link. You can find this link by logging into your Coinadpro account and copying it. Then send it to friends or family via social media or any chat platform eg.Whatsapp, telegram, facebook etc.

Once they click on your link they will be asked to register a new account and automatically after they register they are linked to your account.
You can view everyone who is working for you(referrals) and how much you have earned from them by logging into your Coinadpro account & clicking on refferals --> Direct.


How do Rented Referrals work in Coinadpro

Having referrals is the best way to earn money from PTC sites. ... You basically rent referrals for a specific cost and period of time and you earn from their activity. In most cases, rented referrals are not easy to manage and will cost you money or you will have to invest a lot of money to make them profitable.


can i lose money by renting referrals in Coinadpro

e chances are that if you are actually making money and notlosing money then your account will be suspended for some reason. People are lucky if they earn a dollar per week. ... If you want to make money, you must spendmoney. Upgrade your membership, pay for rented referrals, and so on.


Will Coinadpro Make Me Rich?

We like to be very honest and sincere with our members. Working on Online with our system can make you reasonable and recurrent revenue on a daily basis and on your time. All you need to do is spare upto 45 minutes everyday & work on our ptc,Tasks, video , Traffic exchange content. Simply generate traffic to ather website  & make some money. You wont be a millionaire in a month, but you will be in a position to afford to pay simple bills or a good holiday easily and comfortably. The average income for most users ranges from 25$ to 1200$ per user per month depending on the account type and the number of people working under you.


Does Coinadpro Have Offices in My Country

We are currently in the process of vetting several Local partners for our new Markets. At the moment we don't have offices in all the countries we operate in but once the vetting process is completed all our users shall be notified of the nearest support centers in their region. We currently have a centralized operational leadership team in UK then in Italy pushing our goals worldwide.


Can I Deposit or Withdraw From 1 Payment processor to Different Coinadpro Accounts

Yes we allow you to deposit from 1 payment processor eg. Coins.ph or Payeer or Bitcoin wallet or Mobile money wallet to different Coinadpro accounts. This helps when 1 user is managing several accounts for friends or family.