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How is working our Revenue Sharing?

We make Trading Forex activity attractive to our users by offering on-site rewards. This is what our members will get at Coinadpro:

We combine Advertising and Trading and Ads  for a Unique Members Experience.




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Distribution For EVERYDay 110% 1%-1.10% 1.10%-1.20% 1.20%-1.30%
Traffic Exchange Balance 0.10₽ 0.12₽ 0.14₽ 0.20₽
Price 135₽ 675₽ 1689₽ 3375₽
Return percentage (ROI)  105% 107% 111% 112%

How is working our marketpalce?

  • Get 70%.for Referral commission.

  • No minimum number of sales required.

  • Accept Payeer& perfectmoney& Cryptocurrency

  • free items Marketplace in coinadpro

  • No more expensive fees

  • You can start to add your iteams and make money 

  • you will find free iteams sometime 

Coinadpro is internet marketplace wherever developers and designers should buy and sell numerous ready-to-use web development assets. These embrace scripts, themes, templates, code snippets, app supply codes, plugins and additional. Developers & designers ar ready to get ready-to-use elements and to drastically cut back development time and price on their comes. On the opposite aspect it makes it doable for developers & designers to come up with a passive financial gain by commerce their work on Codester. You can get things victimization Coinadpro Credit, or from your earn from referral or Payeer,. Once your order is completed, you'll directly be ready to directly transfer your purchase. We offers developers & designers a platform to sell their work and switch it into a property business. Contact our vender page for additional info.


How is working our investment plan Revenue Sharing?



Standard (Free) Junior Partner Senior Partner

Cost membership

Free ₽ 80₽ 365₽

Maximum daily PTC ad clicks

8-10 ADS 13-15 ADS 13-20 ADS

 YouTube videos daily views

1-4 views 5-6 views 5-7 views

Traffic Exchange click earnings

0.1₽ 0.16₽ 0.73₽

Offer Walls earnings

70% 80% 90%

Earnings watching YouTube 

0.1₽ 0.16₽ 0.73₽

PTC click earnings

0.1₽ 0.16₽ 0.73₽

 Direct Referral click earnings

0.01₽ 0.02₽ 0.03₽

PTC Rented Referral earnings

0.01₽ 0.01₽ 0.01₽

Price per one referral

14.00₽ 12.00₽ 10.00₽

Minimum payout

100.00₽ 75.00₽ 50.00₽

Withdrawals per day

1 Time 2 Time 10 Time

Total Roi for membership

36₽ 88.4₽-100.8₽ 394.2₽-591₽