How it works?

How is working our Revenue Sharing Project? Is trust website working in  advertising and investemnt , with our new idea and our projects to find good way for members  investemnt the our Revenue Sharing is working like project or Let's say more Startup project we have for now 4 Investment Ad Pack they call EXC Power each AdPack give you good return everyday so of you invest for example :If you invest 10 USD in Ether we will keep 5 USD in our bank and we will work (Trade) Of the rest money 5 USD. If something going wrong like there is no good trade the percent will come less next week (Islamik Invesment )  so in these case you did not lose all your money but you Pack is become more longer  .

  • To get ThEXC Power you have to Buy our membership .


  • Is Member as of he can lose his found or get scam ?

We will do our best to keep you found as save as we can and we keep have of your found with us in any case .

  • How many share I can buy by time ?

You can only buy 10 share in all our website for now and when we open new project it will offer to you .

  • Do coinadpro is trust website ?

We have found the best investors and the best leaders to work with us and we study these project for more then 2 monthas.

  • How many ADS I have to watch per day to get my amount from the project ?

Youn haven to watch only 10 Ads per day so its easy and nice

Membership EXC Free EXC Mini PRO PLUS EXC Mega EXC Invest Pro
Earnings Click 0.01₽ 0.03₽ 1.00₽ 2.00₽ 3.00₽
Earnings direct Click 0.01₽ 0.01₽ 0.01₽ 0.01₽ 0.01₽
Earnings  Rent click 0.01₽ 0.01₽ 0.01₽ 0.01₽ 0.01₽
Pack commission  1% 1% 1% 1% 1%
Daily Payouts  10.00₽ 8.00₽ 3.00₽ 2.00₽ 1.00₽
Earn Daily 0.61₽ 1.54₽ 45.18₽ 90.21₽ 138.5₽
Membership Cost 0.00₽ 1.00₽ 41.00₽ 85.00₽ 128.00₽

  ExcoinCash Invest

 Hello  We are team of investores and most of Arab know me as we are good trader and we can help you in save way and very low risk just try my service and you will liked we are reall and we have website and more site around .......

Our Plans

  • Save your money and start to trade with it as you know in trade there is win and lose 
  • Bulding new Market with Google card and recarge games and more working with coinadpro

Our Team

We are 4 Manager on this bussines in Egypt and Algeri and Maroco and UK