How it works?

For customers professing Islam

We understand how important it is for our investors to have a special (halal) financial plan that would allow sharing not only profits, but also risks between the participants of this plan (when one gives, and the other takes funds - "Mudharabah"), or when both / several give (“Musharakah”). Sharia rules suggest that Muslims should build business relationships on an equal footing. A Muslim investor can invest in a business project only as a co-owner, sharing the risk of possible losses with other participants.


In response to the wishes of clients professing Islam to take advantage of our investment program, the specialists of the legal and technical departments of  have developed a special mechanism for transferring the deposit to the "Halal" status.

This mechanism provides for a separate legal and mathematical model of the investment agreement, which is referred to as "Mudarabah", the terms and conditions of which are in addition to the existing Terms of Use of our platform and replace them with respect to. That is, the equity participation of each of the Muslim investors along with our equity participation provides the financial reserves necessary for the implementation of private transactions.

In accordance with the rules of Islam, we guarantee that your investments will not come into contact with the tobacco, alcohol and weapons business, as well as with gambling, casinos, hotels, film production and music, or other “haram”-business. We strictly prohibit in our business transactions with derivatives (futures, forwards and options), as well as condemn excessive uncertainty in contracts (the acquisition of something that does not exist yet, or the lack of the ability to foresee the result).

Thus, choosing the option "Halal", you give your consent to the application of the rules of use "Mudarabah" (Mudharabah). By accepting this agreement and converting the deposit into the "Halal" mode, you will no longer be able to cancel this action and your account will be in this mode permanently.

أضغط على الصورة لتحميل شرح الموقع باللغة العربية